The Bolshevik Myth

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Sudah berapa kali kita mendengar kalimat "sejarah ditulis oleh pemenang? Tentu saja hal itu benar, namun jika kita berada dalam pusaran sejarah, semestinya kita menuliskan jejak-jejak peristiwa tersebut.

Alexander Berkman telah berhasil membongkar dan mengoyak Mitos Bolshevik selama berdirinya Uni Soviet. Walaupun tulisannya mengandung emosi tersendiri atas kekejaman Kaum Komunis terhadap sayap revolusioner lain. Jan 08, Fildzah Husna Amalina rated it really liked it Shelves: Berkman menceritakan bagaimana kondisi Rusia setelah revolusi melalui pengalamannya mengunjungi berbagai kota dan bertemu berbagai tokoh, tentu dengan perspektif personalnya sebagai seorang anarkis. Hal-hal yang saya pelajari dari buku hariannya ini: revolusi sebenar-benarnya itu sulit, dan yah, sejarah manusia memang kejam.

Paparan reportase dari tokoh2 penting soviet rusia setelah revolusi bolshevik, dikemas dgn segala pandangan2 yang dimuat begitu mudah untuk dirasakan kondisi para rakyat, buruh dan petani setelah pergantiam rezim. Mar 21, Peter Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: history. Daniel rated it really liked it Jul 04, Jay rated it really liked it Mar 15, Reita rated it liked it Jul 14, Kiki rated it it was amazing May 30, Oda rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Xue Bei rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Philip rated it it was amazing May 18, Jenner rated it really liked it Jul 11, Megaharrison rated it liked it Sep 26, Charles Davis rated it really liked it Apr 23, Mark Harris rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Erin rated it really liked it Aug 17, Eric rated it really liked it May 14, Yar rated it really liked it Feb 20, Brad rated it really liked it Feb 25, Abyssal Archivist rated it really liked it Mar 18, Michael Comeau rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Benny rated it it was amazing Apr 12, Mitsoz rated it really liked it Feb 19, Patrick rated it really liked it Aug 17, Antonio Llamas zoby rated it really liked it Dec 17, Gleb rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Elena rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Richard rated it it was amazing May 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Alexander Berkman. Alexander Berkman.

Alexander Berkman November 21, — June 28, was an anarchist known for his political activism and writing. He was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century. He lived in New York City, where he became involved in the anarchist movement. He Alexander Berkman November 21, — June 28, was an anarchist known for his political activism and writing.

He was the lover and lifelong friend of anarchist Emma Goldman. In , Berkman made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate businessman Henry Clay Frick as an act of propaganda of the deed, for which he served 14 years in prison. His experience in prison was the basis for his first book, Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist. After his release from prison, Berkman served as editor of Goldman's anarchist journal, Mother Earth, and he established his own journal, The Blast. In , Berkman and Goldman were sentenced to two years in jail for conspiracy against the newly instated draft.

Black Mosquito Alexander Berkman: The Bolshevik Myth. Diary Mailorder

After their release from prison, they were arrested—along with hundreds of others—and deported to Russia. Initially supportive of that country's Bolshevik revolution, Berkman soon voiced his opposition to the Soviet's use of terror after seizing power and their repression of fellow revolutionaries. In , he published a book about his experiences, The Bolshevik Myth. Chapter 3. In Petrograd. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. The Guest House.

Chapter 6. Tchicherin and Karakhan. Chapter 7. The Market. Chapter 8. In the Moskkommune. Chapter 9. The Club on the Tverskaya. Chapter A Visit to Peter Kropotkin. Bolshevik Activities. Sights and Views.

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On the Latvian Border. Back in Petrograd. Rest Homes for Workers. The First of May. The British Labor Mission. The Spirit of Fanaticism. Other People. En Route to the Ukraina.

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First Days in Kharkov. In Soviet Institutions.

The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism

Yossif the Emigrant. Nestor Makhno. Prison and Concentration Camp. Further South. Fastov the Pogromed. In Various Walks. The Tcheka. Odessa: Life and Vision.

The Bolshevik Myth

Dark People. A Bolshevik Trial. Returning to Petrograd. In the Far North. Early Days of Last Links in the Chain.

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Revolution breaks the social forms grown too narrow for man. It bursts the molds which constrict him the more solidified they become, and the more Life ever striving forward leaves them. In this dynamic process the Russian Revolution has gone further than any previous revolution.

A Specter Haunting Europe

Back of revolution are the millions of living humans who embody its inner spirit, who feel, think, and have their being in it. To them revolution is not a mere change of externals: it implies the complete dislocation of life, the shattering of dominant traditions, the annulment of accepted standards. The habitual, measured step of existence is interrupted, accustomed criterions become inoperative, former precedents are void.

Existence is forced into uncharted channels; every action demands self-reliance; every detail calls for new, independent decision. The typical, the familiar, have disappeared; dissolved is the coherence and interrelation of the parts that formerly constituted one whole. New values are to be created. This inner life of revolution, which is its sole meaning, has almost entirely been neglected by writers on the Russian Revolution. Many books have been published about that tremendous social upheaval, but seldom do they strike its true keynote.

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  • They treat of the fall and rise of institutions, of the new State and its structure, of constitutions and laws — of the exclusively external manifestations, which nearly make one forget the living millions who continue to exist, to be, under all changing conditions. Justly Taine said that in studying the French Revolution he found statistics and data, official documents and edicts least illuminative of the real character of the period.

    Its significant expression, its deeper sense, he discovered in the lives, thoughts, and feelings of the people, in their personal reactions as portrayed in the memoirs, journals, and letters of contemporaries. It is the chronicle of an intense experience, of impressions and observations noted down day by day, in different parts of the country, among various walks of life.

    Most of the names are deleted, for the obvious reason of protecting the persons in question. So far as I know it is the only journal kept in Russia during those momentous years — It was a rather difficult task, as those familiar with Russian conditions will understand. But long practice in such matters — keeping memoranda even in prison — enabled me to preserve my Diary through many vicissitudes and searches, and get it safely out of the country.

    Its Odyssey was adventurous and eventful. After having journeyed through Russia for two years, the Diary succeeded in crossing the border, only to be lost before it could join me. There followed an anxious hunt through several European lands, and when hope of locating my notebooks was almost given up, they were discovered in the attic of a very much frightened old lady in Germany. But that is another story.

    Sufficient that the manuscript was finally found and can now be presented to the public in the present volume. If it will aid in visualizing the inner life of the Revolution during the period described, if it will bring the reader closer to the Russian people and their great martyrdom, the mission of my Diary will be accomplished and my efforts well repaid.

    December 23, No one seems to know whither we are bound. The captain claims he is sailing under sealed orders. The men are nearly crazy with the uncertainty and worry over the women and children left behind. What if we are to be landed on Denikin territory. We were taken completely by surprise. We were led into a large, bare room in the upper part of the building.

    Helter-skelter the men crowded in, dragging their things with them, badly packed in the haste and confusion. At four in the morning the order was given to start. In silence we filed into the prison yard, led by the guards and flanked on each side by city and Federal detectives.