Succeeding with Autism: Hear my Voice

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Our international organization will use this book as a reference for years to come. I was thrilled when she told me of her idea of writing a book, and have now eagerly devoured every page.

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  5. Realizing The College Dream With Autism or Aspergers Syndrome feels like a kind and experienced friend willing to sit down and share her and her son's fears, doubts, and successes …. The authors frame the book with the story of living with their autistic sons. They explain the many similarities between Justin and Eric, as well as their many differences, which represent opposite sides of the autism spectrum. Chapters cover the rebuilding of a life after diagnosis, which often has to do with balance: advocating for your child while caring for yourself, learning acceptance while searching for a sense of meaning through intimate engagement with the child.

    Become a smart investigator within the world of autism information, say the authors, a field that has exploded over the past few years, and familiarize yourself with the various therapies, research studies and possible cures. Logged In As. Library Home Page. Limitless Libraries. Can't Find What You Want?

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    Available at another branch. Quick Copy View. EAP See Full Copy Details. Place Hold. Date Publisher Phys Desc. Language Availability Jessica Kingsley Publishers, p. A significant number of persons experience synesthesia. Synesthesia may affect any of the senses. Synesthesia is phenomena in which the actual information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense. Listed below are some common sensory differences and accommodations that may be important in a class setting.

    Students on the autism spectrum may be disturbed by people accidentally bumping them or the feel of a particular desk or chair.

    Some who are very sensitive may be affected by scents from certain perfumes, deodorants and soaps. Possible accommodations to support a student with sensory differences include allowing hats, sunglasses and tinted lens glasses to be worn and allowing ear plugs or ear phones.

    Also allowing the student to choose their seat and helping to assure it is always available may be important. A student with an autism spectrum diagnosis may find that a small sensory item brings comfort in class. It is likely, if a student uses a sensory item, that it is inconspicuous but this may not always be the case. Help devise an acceptable plan to address urgent sensory issues for the student. Motor Skills Both fine and gross motor skills may be affected in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.

    In addition motor planning and poor awareness of body in space are two areas that often affect motor skills for these individuals. Often fine and gross motor skills as well as motor planning skills are very uneven. Listed below are possible problems in these areas along with possible accommodations. Fine motor challenges for students on the autism spectrum might affect writing, drawing, turning pages, using utensils, playing an instrument, using locks and keys, and manipulating small objects.

    Motor planning and the awareness of the placement of their body in space can affect the ways in which an individual moves their body and is able to navigate themselves to accomplish all motor tasks.

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    Possible accommodations for students on the autism spectrum with motor skills difficulties include allowing a computer for in class work, tests and assignments, providing a note taker, allowing work assignments done at a slower pace, providing models and step by step instruction, providing extra time to take tests and providing readers and scribes or technology that reads and takes notes. Further accommodations might need to be considered for students taking physical education courses in which motor skills differences might provide further complications.

    Learning Style Students with an autism spectrum disorder often have a very uneven learning profile. They often excel creatively in a non-conventional way. Students on the autism spectrum tend to have excellent long term and rote memory abilities. Executive functioning deficits cause these students many problems.

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    Many are thought to be right-brained thinkers. Most need to like and trust an instructor before they can perform in a class. Some common learning challenges, strengths and possible accommodations are listed below. Executive function challenges experienced by students with an autism spectrum diagnosis include general organization and planning skills, problems with impulsivity and problem solving and the ability to monitor themselves in the completion of a goal.

    Along with the executive functioning deficits, common learning barriers include poor sequential learning, easily bored with repetition once something is learned, attention problems, literal thinking, nebulous sense of time and as mentioned previously, perspective taking deficits. Other issues that impacts learning for students on the autism spectrum are the fact that they need to understand why something is important, relevant or meaningful to them and they may not realize they are having academic difficulty until it may be too late or too difficult for them to rectify on their own.

    The strengths of students on the autism spectrum can sometimes help them compensate for their weaknesses.

    Social Life on the Spectrum

    These students can do quite well academically, especially in their chosen field, and their strengths should be respected and used whenever possible. For example these students may have extremely good visual and visual-spatial skills. They often learn best from whole to part complex to simple and they can be very creative; out of the box thinkers.

    These students can also show an amazing knowledge on topics of interest which is most often their major field of study at the university. Instructors can help support students on the autism spectrum by providing reinforcement at every opportunity.

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    Most likely the student has experience with using an organizational tool or tools, of choice, before coming to college.