Sonata in D minor

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The Lento molto sostenuto section that opens the movement is both precise and emotional, with longing half-steps and daunting larger-than-octave leaps.

Piano Sonata No. 1 (Rachmaninoff)

An animated passage leads to the Allegro section where dotted rhythms move the music along. Rapid triplets and many passages of double-stops reoccur.

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Almost fugue-like, the Allegro then relaxes briefly before returning to virtuosic passages with repetitive figures and an exhausting number of notes. A recitative of four bars, Bars , gives place to a passage of four bars in F sharp minor, Bars enharmonic modulation, Bars , repeated Bars in G minor, and imitated, Bars , ending upon dominant harmony.

Sonata in d minor Wq132-SOLO BSN

The Coda is extended Bar The last twelve bars consist of nothing but harmony of the tonic chord. It should be noted that the key of the relative major is not used once during the whole of the movement.

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The first subject consists of two sections: the first eight bars, the second nine bars. The connecting episode commences with a four-bar phrase in the tonic key, followed by a modulation to C major upon a pedal point with a characteristic figure.

The second section of the first subject has a very elaborate variation in the bass, Bars The connecting episode is transposed so as to end in the dominant key. The Coda is formed from previous material, the passage, Bars , being taken form Bars , and the following passage, Bars , from the first subject. The last six bars are upon a tonic pedal point; the subdominant, followed by tonic harmony, forming a plagal cadence which often occurs in Codas in conjunction with tonic pedal.

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