Routledge Handbook of Applied Communication Research (Routledge Communication Series)

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Rice Ed. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, Bridging STS and communication studies: Scholarship on media and information technologies. Hackett, O.

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Amsterdamska, M. Lynch, and J.

Research and teaching

Wajcman Eds. London: Sage Publications, New media design and development: Diffusion of innovations v. Lievrouw and S. Livingstone Eds.

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Revised version of chapter published in Handbook of New Media , 1st ed. Biotechnology, intellectual property, and the prospects for scholarly communication. In Sandra Braman Ed. Integrating the research on media access: A critical overview. In Erik P. Bucy and John E. Newhagen Eds. Reconciling structure and process in the study of scholarly communication. In: Christine L. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, Ruben and Leah A. Lievrouw Eds. Schement and Leah A. Lievrouw Social media and the production of knowledge: A return to little science?

New media, mediation, and communication study. Oppositional and activist new media: Remediation, reconfiguration, participation. Wagner and J. Blomberg Eds. Seattle: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. An overview of willingness to pay methodology and a Korean case study in the analysis of media reception value.

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Asian Communication Research , 1 2 , September, Lievrouw and Sharon E. Farb Information and equity: Toward a conceptual framework. Cronin and D. Shaw Eds.

When users push back: Oppositional new media and community. Huysman, E. Wenger and V.

The Routledge Handbook of Language and Intercultural Communication Routledge Handbooks in Applied Li

Wulf Eds. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Theorizing new media: A meta-theoretical approach.

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MedienJournal , 3, New media and the 'Pluralization of Life-Worlds': A role for information in social differentiation. Lemus, Dawna I. Ballard, Karen K. Eisenberg, Beth Eschenfelder. Kreps, Ellen W. Communication in the Helping Professions Katherine I. Miller, Jennifer Considine.

An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research (Routledge Communication Series)

Nussbaum, Jennifer E. McKinney, John C. Darling, Liz Leckie. Lawrence Kincaid, Maria Elena Figueroa. Barnett Pearce. Situations such as raising and educating children in families and schools, structuring work environments, and coping with and helping others to face significant illnesses are covered in the context of the applied communication discipline. Through this examination, it fully captures the crucial role of communication in creating better social worlds. It serves as a comprehensive guide to the applied communication research field, and will help both experienced scholars and those just starting out to understand and appreciate the discipline of applied communication research.

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Browse related items Start at call number: P R68 Librarian view Catkey: A longtime socialist activist, she lives in Austin, TX with her family and pets. His research interests encompass interpersonal and intergroup communication processes in intergenerational, police-civilian, and other intergroup settings and he is the editor of the Handbook of Intergroup Communication. He has been identified as one of the top most productive researchers in the field of communication Communication Monographs , ; Communication Quarterly , He is a two-time recipient of the Gerald R.

Woolbert Research Award. His research interests include message production, nonverbal communication, communication skills, and communication and aging. A former journalist, his teaching and research focuses on global journalism cultures, war coverage, celebrity news, and comparative methodology. Her research focuses on gender, globalization, migration, and global media flows. In addition, she has an ongoing ethnographic project that examines the growth of English language and communication in India, with a particular emphasis on the digital landscape.

Her earlier work focused on gender identities and reproductive politics in South India.

Professor Zhu Hua

In , she published a book that examines a series of sites where technology mediates the meanings and value of tradition in the diasporic context. She is also the co-editor for the journal Feminist Media Studies as well as serves on multiple editorial boards of journals. She teaches political communication, public opinion, and research methods. He has authored and edited 11 books in English, Chinese, and Japanese including Environmental Communication and the Extinction Vorte x This program of research is evidenced in her work in three primary ways.

Last, her studies explore the degree to which media use impacts on the self-concept and social perceptions of Latino audience members. In testing these relationships, her research incorporates a broad range of quantitative methods and diverse bodies of literature. His research focuses on the relationships among discourse, power, gender, and organizing.

Jablin Award for contributions to the field of organizational communication. His research focuses on intercultural communication as well as group identities, in particular cultural identities. He has authored or edited 2 books and over 60 articles and book chapters. His research explores how the affordances of communication technologies relate to language, social action, and culture.

He has focused primarily on consumer video-mediated communication but also worked on Internet Relay Chat openings and non-responses, social media in Australia, Facebook in the workplace, online television websites, memes in internet culture, and supporting independent living using ambient audio awareness.