Glazed, Filled, Sugared & Dipped: Easy Doughnut Recipes to Fry or Bake at Home

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If I use almond or soy milk it would have less fat content than milk, and if I use margarine instead of butter and of course would have more water than actual fat. I use margerine instead of real butter in my donuts quite often and the trick is to use a tiny bit less than it calls for with butter because of the oil from the margerine fills in the rest. As to your inquiry about the non-dairy milk you can use it but the texture will be slightly different.

Have fun baking! I know this is probably really late, but for others.

Glazed, Filled, Sugared & Dipped: Easy Doughnut Recipes to Fry or Bake at Home: A Baking Book

Almond milk and soy milk work great!!! They are so soft and fluffy, I made 2 parts and it took 6 dozen 70 doughnuts and let them raise longer than you recommend. Great recipe! I halfed it for lack of self-control around doughnuts and it still turned out perfectly. I just use a coffee mug to cut them and made a long John out of the leftover dough. I sprinkled a little more sugar on afterward too! Can these be made into long johns? I always have issues cutting them — which leads me to not making them very often.

Doughnut Ideas from Glazed, Filled, Sugared & Dipped - The Crown Publishing Group

My son has asked for them for his birthday party breakfast. My issue is they after I cut the doughnut it reconnects before I can pick it up — leading to funny shaped donuts and frustration for me! Thanks for any help or input regarding long johns — figured I could frost them.. These were great, straight from the oven. Anyone experiment with glaze instead of cinnamon sugar? Thanks for another great one, Mel! Well Kate, I decided find an answer to your query since I, too, enjoyed the cinnamon sugar topping but my kids wanted to sail into the uncharted territory of sprinkled baked doughnuts.

And that worked splendidly! Hope that helps! These doughnuts are becoming a snow day must!!

These doughnuts make 6 snow days doable…my kids now say they never want any other kind of doughnut! You nailed it once again sweet Mel! Hi Mel was just wondering what butter to use for this recipe. Unsalted or salted butter? Hi — I just made these and they are going into the frig for the night. I had issues cutting them out. I had a doughnut cutter, so I thought it would be simple. Sadly, every time I cut the dough it would attach back to itself before I could pick it up.

The same with the doughnut hole. These were so awesome, Mel! They tasted so awesome, though! We had some friends over…a total of 8 kids arms they gobbled them up! Thanks for recipe; I can always count on your recipes!

I just made these and they are nothing like donuts. Hi Mel, I just tried making your recipe last night. So, my question is can I reshape my dough again before I bake? If, so when can I reshape them again, right after take them out from the fridge or wait for how long? Thank you. I am glad I found your website, it looks like I will be back to make pretzels soon…. I just make the dough, bake it as per the recipe, put icing, chocolate, green tea glaze… on top; everybody is happy!

Thanks once more for such a great recipe!! I used marg instead of butter, and i dont think the dough rose enough.

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Hi Mel! I would love to try these — but any chance of getting a tutorial on the cutting out the doughnut holes part? Could I talk you through it? What part seems daunting? These were great. I made all donut holes, filled them with vanilla pastry cream, dipped in chocolate ganache t hen bbc indulged..

My boyfriend loved them! Like small Boston cream pies in donut form.

I want to make this recipe using only donut holes…what size cutter would you suggest? Honestly, I have no idea.

Old-fashioned doughnut

Good luck if you experiment! The first time I made these night before last, it was a disaster BUT that is because I am a novice at working with yeast. I killed the yeast with scalding milk and I under kneaded it to boot.

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So I gave it another go last night, because I promised my kids homemade doughnuts. My dough rose perfectly last night, I did the overnight fridge recommendation so I could bake them this morning. I woke up early and set them on the oven with the oven turned on warm and the door slightly cracked as my kitchen tends to be cold in the morning and I wanted them to have the warmth they needed. I was so stoked when I came out an hour later and they were super puffy!!! Thanks Mel for my happy doughnut loving children this morning!

Kudos to your sister for helping you out…I hope your kids appreciated all that work. Just made these doughnuts using my bread maker and they baked up really well. Added all ingredients to to bread maker plus an extra tablespoon of milk, drop of orange oil and teaspoon of orange zest on Dough cycle which lasted 45 minutes and then left the dough in the bread maker for an hour until doubled in size. Followed the rest of the recipe as directed. When cooked rolled in melted butter and then loads of icing sugar. Really great and almost identical to some I had tried at a local Italian bakery.

Also, did notice that the left over dough from the cut outs that I kneaded, rolled out and cut again rose higher than the first batch. Thanks for the recipe! Can the recipe be cut in half or adjusted in another way? Maybe the extras could be frozen? These were amazing!!!

This is an amazing recipe. Thank you so much for posting it! They rose perfectly, baked beautifully but turned out like sweet French bread with a typical, perfectly chewy French bread crust to it and a gorgeous crumb. Do you suppose I kneaded it too much?

World Chefs: Collucci shows fun, ease of doughnut-making

Baked too long? Should have added more milk? Any thoughts? I want to try again but would love some hints. Hi BlissfulBaker — thanks for checking in on this recipe. I think it might boil down to texture preferences.

Mini Baked Donut Recipe Overview

Other commenters have also suggested they thought these were more bready than doughnuty, if that makes sense. They have a very different texture than fried doughnuts, although I still find this version light and delightful for a baked doughnut. The dough might be slightly too bread-like if you really love the ethereal lightness of fried doughnuts. Does that make sense?

Made these last week, and glazed them all over with Krispy Kreme glaze recipe, sorry did not use yours, but was looking for a particular thing, you understand. Anyway, followed the recipe to a T otherwise, folk, these are fantastic when glazed all over, they were just as good at the end of the day and even the next morning, left in a basket in open air. They keep very well when used with any kind of regular sugar glaze, all over, top, bottom, you get the idea. Wonderful recipe Mel, have been searching and searching for a recipe that does not use donut pans, and is baked.

The nutmeg is definitely a key ingredient, you nailed this one. About to experiment with adding some clementine juice and rind to the dough as they are in season right now, and adding some to the glaze as well. People, this is super easy, requires very little actual hands on time, and is very adaptable to add your own variations. Thank you again Mel, will have to look at your other ideas when I can drag myself away from this one.

Can remember cutting them out as a child, but the recipe is lost, she took it with her of course 40 years ago, as all Grams do, they never wrote anything down, but these were super light and remember warm milk in there, maybe even sour milk, we could fillf them with anything we wanted and loved the fluffy cream filling the best. Anyone have something like this…Mel???