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A Freudian seeks out a cult leader in hopes of understanding her embattled world. However, Durrell breaks from the traditional linear narrative, and his bold storytelling makes for a fascinating read only he could write. De Mandeville is the conniving head cook at the British Embassy, and he directs his abuses of power at the King and his guests. For example, he sets a table so full of floral decoration that no one can actually see the food. He serves soup without spoons and overuses garlic to ensure everyone leaves with horrendous-smelling breath.

Throughout the collection, and in the midst of De Mandeville's antics, Durrell takes cracks at British politics, putting his sense of humor on its fullest and most entertaining display. As a lifelong traveler, Durrell spent years writing about his adventures across the globe.


Spirit of Place is a collection of essays and letters about his time in the Mediterranean and Aegean islands. As always, Durrell places great emphasis on setting, taking great pains to vividly convey the unique character of every country he visits.

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The Black Book is told from the perspectives of two men who observe the devastation of war and its effects on the guests of a London hotel. Complete with surrealist musings on death and decay, it captures the rough and angry attitude of a country on the brink of a second world war. After finishing the manuscript, Durrell sent his only copy to Henry Miller—a friend and the author of Tropic of Cancer— and ordered him to read it, then throw it in the Seine.

Instead, Miller got it published, though its sexual content earned it a spot on Paris' banned books list. The U. Want more books from great writers?

Voyagers by Philip Spires

Sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter, and get the best daily ebook deals delivered straight to your inbox. In this nonfiction piece, Durrell reflects on his unique friendship with Jolan Chang, a renowned Taoist scholar and Chinese sexoloigst. Together, they mused on everything from Nietzsche and art to sex and food, forming a bond that made a lasting impression on Durrell's personal philosophies and spirituality. White Eagles Over Serbia is proof that Durrell can master any genre.

This quiet but suspenseful spy thriller follows a British secret agent who is sent to Serbia to investigate the death of a colleague. With some similarities to Ian Fleming's James Bond, Durrell's hero finds himself trapped between communists and a crew of underground royalists. Durrell was inspired by his own experiences in the region, where he worked at the Foreign Office during the s.

In his early 20s, Durrell and his family left London for Corfu, an island off the coast of Greece. Blue Thirst contains two of his university lectures about the years he spent there—from the simple joys of island living to his time in the diplomatic service. The stories in this collection are set in the fictional nation of Vulgaria, where a small delegation of diplomats are anything but diplomatic.

The arrival of a beautiful female ambassador sets tensions at an all-time high, leading to a series of political unravelings that involve more violence than reason. Michael H. Green, Roger. Notes: Contains both an article-style commentary and an interview with Durrell. Halio, Jay L. Herbrechter, Stefan. University of Wales, Cardiff, Lawrence Durrell, Postmodernism and the Ethics of Alterity. Postmodern Studies Amsterdam: Rodopi, Hough, Graham. Husband, Janet. Chicago: American Library Association, There is no reference to the Avignon Quintet. See p. Ingersoll, Earl G. Kaczvinsky, Donald P.

Pennsylvania State University. London: Associated University Presses, Kay, Helen Mary. Michigan State University, Keller, Isabelle. Notes: Mistakenly listed as beginning on page in the table of contents. Keller, Jane Eblen. Kemp, Peter.

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